Articles & Reviews – Hertha & Athetic Bilbao

Hertha BSC hosts Athetic Bilbao in an interesting game from Group J of the Europa League. The game is going to be played on Thursday night in the German capital Berlin.

This is a match between the two big favourites in Group J of the competition. The other two teams here are Zorya and Ostersunds. It’s going to be a major surprise if one between Hertha and Athletic do not qualify for the knockout stages of the tournament. But we have seen all kinds of surprises in football, right?

Last season was great and dissapointing in same time for Hertha. Great because in a big part of the season, Hertha was playing very good and the club was even close to a Champions League qualification. But it was also dissapointing, because Hertha’s form became very bad in the most decisive times of the season. Which is the reason why they were unable to finish in the Top 4 and qualify for the Champions League.

As for Athletic, for one more time The Basques reached the European competitions. It’s true that they would prefer to play in the Champions League, but maybe Europa League suits them better at this time. They have a decent and a very complete team, but they still have a lot of work to do to become Champions League material.

This is a great match, because these two teams will fight for the first place in this group. Now one of them could gain some advantage, by winning this match. We could say that Hertha are slight favourites here, because of the home ground advantage. But in same time, Athletic are a club who is used to play in front of many people, so we don’t think this would bother them. The football in this one should be really good!